North Central Teachers' Convention Association

NCTCA 2022

Feb. 10-11, 2022 |Edmonton

2020 Honorary President - Wallace Porter

Wallace Porter

Board member: 30 years

Executive member: 25 years

Walley has been active in the education world for 42 years.  Well, education was not his first career but he made up for it with his passion and dedication to Professional Development and the many ATA committees he has and is still serving on.

Walley sat on the NCTCA Board, in the early 1980’s, very briefly before being recruited to be on the Executive.  His willingness to take part and engagement saw him take many roles on the Executive; the one that has made the most impact with many executive members is his ability to be a mentor.  Walley will always find time to help. That is why he seems unable to step away. He will not leave a position unfilled, oops sorry he will…. Walley is still refusing to be a secretary.

Walley Porter has lived the evolution of planning convention: by mail by fax, by email and now pretty much all online. He will say, and I will concur, that his biggest challenge was technology: from sending a fax to sending an email or reviewing sessions online, he was always asking for help.  I guess it paid off as he was getting others involved in doing the work. But, one fact is certain - if a computer was going to crash or have issues, it would be his; almost like his thoughts would short circuit the device.

Walley taught for 35 years, but to this day Walley still cannot sit around.  In the summer, he loves working in the yard, gardening or anything else that one has to accomplish on an acreage; then comes the fall and the winter and he needs to get out. So, subbing is still on his list.  He claims that leaving the house is to save his marriage; however, I think it is more to hang around with other people and students for a chat, some jokes and a great story to remember for a long time.

When asked why he loved working on Convention, Walley will say the teamwork. He says that every year brings a new team - you would get the direction from the Board and work to make that year a very successful year. He has also enjoyed meeting various known personalities, including Rex Murphy and Romeo Dallaire.

It has been our pleasure to work alongside Walley over the years and it is our pleasure to acknowledge the accomplishment of our dear friend.