North Central Teachers' Convention Association

NCTCA 2020

Feb. 6-7, 2020 |Edmonton

The North Central Teachers' Convention encourages the attendance of Substitute Teachers and Student Teachers.

Substitute Teachers, Retired Teachers and Student Teachers

Substitute Teachers: Please come to the Convention desk at the Shaw Conference Center on the day you are attending convention, with proof of employment. There is NO cost for substitute teachers to attend this year. 

Retired Teachers: Retired teachers may attend NCTCA 2019 if they have worked even one day as a sub in the school year.  

Retired certificated teachers who do not remain active in the Association by working as substitutes may attend convention as Guest Delegates, provided they:

  • Register for and purchase an annual associate membership in the Association; and
  • Pay the required guest registration fee to the convention they wish to attend.

Student Teachers: May attend NCTCA at no cost as long as they register and have a membership ATA student local at their university or college.

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