North Central Teachers' Convention Association

NCTCA 2020

Feb. 6-7, 2020 |Edmonton

CONSTITUTION of the North Central Teachers’ Convention Association of the Alberta Teachers’ Association




Ignite Inspire Innovate Inquire / Initier s’Informer Innover Inventer


Mission Statement

Teachers’ conventions support professionalism and enhance student learning by addressing teachers’ professional needs, supporting professional collaboration, advancing effective teaching practices and motivating reflective practice by exploring research and emerging educational issues.The goal of the North Central Teachers’ Convention Association is to offer its members a diversity of inspiring and innovative professional development opportunities.

Vision Statement 

The vision for teachers’ conventions of the Alberta Teachers’ Association consists of the following components:

  •  engaging sessions that focus on enhancing the professional practice and leadership development of teachers;

  •  professional appearance of the program and proceedings that reflect the high standards of the profession;

  •  strong support from teachers across the province for their professional organization’s annual convention as a time to promote the profession, public education and professional practice;

  •  effective links to other groups within the Association, as well as to other PD partners, in developing and presenting the program;

  •  building of leadership capacity and succession within the executive and boards of the convention associations;

  •  promotion of teachers’ conventions as a significant activity of the Association;

  •  strong support from parents, the media and the general public for teachers’ conventions as one way that teachers improve the quality of teaching and support student learning in Alberta.


The Alberta Teachers’ Association, through its convention associations, assumes full responsibility for planning, conducting and evaluating the annual teachers’ conventions held across the province. Because the convention is only one of a number of interdependent professional development forums for teachers, the opportunities provided must be planned so they complement and/or supplement the other components of a teacher’s individual professional growth plan.

 Given that teacher attendance is obligatory, convention boards shall therefore develop annual programs of interest to teachers at all levels and in a variety of curriculum areas.The general nature of conventions must be recognized by choosing a relevant theme of broad appeal, and by restricting presentations by outside special interest groups. A wide variety of sessions both as to content and format must be provided so that the convention meets the objectives of:

  • motivating and inspiring teachers;

  • improving teaching skills;

  • increasing teacher knowledge;

  • providing relevant curriculum information;

  • introducing teachers to new educational ideas;

  • providing opportunities to renew or develop collegial relationships and share ideas, concerns and solutions; and

  • exchanging information and ideas regarding current issues in education. 

I. Definitions

1.1           In this constitution,

1.1.1       “Active Member” has the same meaning ascribed to it as in the Teaching Profession Act;

1.1.2       “Associate Member” means those individuals who are granted associate membership as per the Teaching Profession Act and who are eligible to attend convention as approved by Provincial Executive Council;

1.1.3       “Convention Association” means the North Central Teachers’ Convention Association of the Alberta Teachers’ Association;

1.1.4       “Convention Board” means a representative body consisting of duly elected or appointed members of the locals forming the convention association who have the right to vote and hold office;

1.1.5     “Liaison Representative” means a person approved by Provincial Executive Council or the convention board to serve in an advisory, liaison and/or consultative capacity on the convention board;

1.1.6     “Member-Locals” means the following local associations of the Alberta Teachers’ Association: Black Gold Teachers’ Local No 8, Elk Island Local No 28, Elk Island Catholic Teachers Local No 21, Evergreen Local No 11, Evergreen Catholic Local No 44, Greater Peace Local No 13 (High Prairie RCSS and McLennan RCSS), Greater St Albert Catholic Local No 23, High Prairie Local No 62, Northern Gateway Local No 43 (south including Fox Creek, Whitecourt, Lac Ste Anne), Parkland Teachers’ Local No 10, Pembina Hills Local No 22, St Albert Public Teachers Local No 73, St Thomas Aquinas Teachers’ Local No 45, Sturgeon Local No 27, Timberline Local No 9 (north Twin Rivers), Unité locale francophone No 24, Wetaskiwin Local No 18 and Woodland Rivers Local No 40.


II. Name

The name of this organization shall be the North Central Teachers’ Convention Association of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

III. Object

 The object of the convention association shall be to plan, organize or authorize an annual teachers’ convention for its members to be held on teaching days, the purpose of which shall be to maintain and improve teachers’ professional practice and leadership capacity.

IV. Eligibility to Attend Convention

4.1           Individuals eligible to attend convention shall consist of:

4.1.1       Active members of the member-locals;

4.1.2       Active members of such other locals of the Alberta Teachers’ Association as may be admitted from time to time                  on approval of Provincial Executive Council and the convention association;

4.1.3       Associate members

(a)            who are declared eligible by Provincial Executive Council and;

(b)            who have notified the convention association in writing of their willingness to participate in convention activities                   and to pay the required fee;

4.1.4       Liaison representatives approved by the convention board. 

V. Withdrawal of Membership

A member-local may withdraw from the convention association upon approval of the Provincial Executive Council, provided written notice of such withdrawal is personally delivered or sent by registered mail to the convention association at least 18 months prior to the date of the convention for which it would be effective, and further provided that the member-local requesting withdrawal has satisfied all Provincial Executive Council guidelines for withdrawal then in force. 

VI.Convention Board 

6.1          The governing body of this organization shall be the convention board.

6.2          Membership on the convention board 

6.2.1       Membership on the convention board shall include

(a)           the following ratio of representatives elected or appointed by each member-local of the convention association                    by the first local council meeting following convention

(i)            1 to 250 local members to 2 board representatives

(ii)           251 to 600 local members to 3 board representatives

(iii)          Over 600 local members to 4 board representatives

(b)          members selected by or from within the convention board including

(i)            members of the board elected as executive officers and

(ii)            such other members, including the treasurer and executive assistant, as shall be appointed directly by motion of                the convention board. The number of members so appointed shall not exceed 20 per cent of the total number of                members on the board; and

(c)            Alberta Teachers’ Association district representatives for the convention association(s) to which locals from that                  district are assigned.

6.3          Duties of representatives on the convention board shall include

6.3.1       liaise and provide regular reports to member-locals;

6.3.2       attendance at duly called meetings of the convention board and/or its committees;

6.3.3       assistance at the convention including but not limited to duties hosting speakers and chairing sessions;

6.3.4       faithful fulfillment of duties of any office of the board to which a member is elected;

6.3.5       such other duties as may be authorized by the convention board by motion from time to time. 

6.4           Duties of the district representative shall include

6.4.1       represent Provincial Executive Council at convention meetings and at convention;

6.4.2       provide updates/reports from Provincial Executive Council at convention meetings;

6.4.3       participate in the development and implementation of a program that promotes teaching as a profession;.

6.4.4       evaluate the convention and provide feedback to the convention board.

6.5           When a member of the convention board is elected to one of the following executive positions, president or                      director of program, the local of that member shall select an alternate convention board representative. 

6.6          The convention board shall plan, organize, operate, administer and evaluate the annual convention. The                            convention board shall report on all convention matters to the member-locals through their local representatives                  on the convention board. The convention board shall request services from the ATA and specialist councils and r                eview, from time to time, the services provided.

 6.7          If a member of the convention board becomes ineligible for membership or resigns or otherwise is unable to                       continue to serve, the other delegate(s) of the local concerned shall ensure that the executive assistant of the                     convention board be advised of the person who is to complete the term. 

6.8         The quorum shall be one more than half of the voting members of the convention board.

 6.9          Any groups of teachers who do not belong to a NCTCA member-local and have been granted permission to                     attend NCTCA may choose to send a non-voting representative, at no cost to NCTCA, to the NCTCA board                     meetings.

VII. Executive Officers

7.1           The executive officers shall be:

7.1.1       Past President;

7.1.2       President;

7.1.3       Director of Program;

7.1.4       Secretary;

7.1.5       Director of Communications and Evaluations

;7.1.6       Director of Exhibits;

7.1.7       Director of Facilities;

7.1.8       District Representatives;

7.1.9       Treasurer; and

7.1.10    Executive Assistant.

 7.2        All executive officers, with the exception of the past president, executive assistant, district representatives and treasurer, shall be elected by and from the existing convention board at its first meeting and thereafter annually at the first meeting of the convention board following its annual convention.

7.2.1       Term of office of executive officers shall be April 1 through March 31.

7.3           All members of the convention board are eligible for election to any office. All executive officers are members of                 the convention board.

7.4           The executive assistant shall be appointed annually by the convention board.

7.5           The treasurer shall be appointed annually by the convention board.

7.6           In addition to the above executive officers, an honorary president may be appointed by the convention board.                     Such office shall be honorary in nature and a person so appointed may attend meetings but shall not vote in                     deliberations of the executive or the convention board.

7.7           If any executive office becomes vacant between annual elections, the executive shall appoint one of its                             members or a board delegate to complete the term.

7.8           The quorum of the executive committee shall be one more than half the number of voting members. 

VIII. Duties of the Officers 

(A more detailed description of each position is outlined in the Executive Guidelines.) 

8.1           Past President: It shall be the duty of the past president to assist the president and to take charge of the affairs                 of the association in the absence of the president. As well, the past president, along with two other members of                 the executive, will make decisions regarding alternate attendance during convention following association                           guidelines. It shall be the duty of the past president to call and preside at all meetings of the convention                             attendance committee. 

8.2           President: It shall be the duty of the president to call and preside at all meetings of the convention board and                     the executive committee. The president shall be the official spokesperson of the convention board.                                     Notwithstanding the above, in the absence or the incapacity of the president, it shall be the designated duty of                   another executive member to act in this capacity.

8.3           Director of Program: It shall be the duty of the vice president-director of program to call and preside at all                             meetings of the program committee, to keep the board informed as to progress of the program and to carry out                 those duties as assigned by the president and as approved by the board.

8.4           Secretary: It shall be the duty of the secretary to prepare and send notices of meetings, to maintain the records                of all meetings in accordance with Association Policy, and to receive, prepare and disburse correspondence or                    reports to member locals and the ATA.

8.5           Director of Communications and Evaluations: It shall be the duty of the director of communications and                               evaluations to manage the publication of the program booklet and to manage all other public relations matters.                   The director of communications and evaluations shall also compile and present an annual evaluation to the                       convention board.

8.6           Director of Exhibits: It shall be the duty of the director of exhibits to arrange the displays/exhibits for the annual                   convention.

8.7           Director of Facilities: It shall be the duty of the director of facilities to arrange hotel bookings for all speakers and                 executive/board members. In addition, the director of facilities will schedule all board, executive and                                     committee meetings and all convention sessions at venues ensuring that rooms are set up correctly and the                       audiovisual requirements have been met.

8.8           Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the treasurer to keep accurate and complete records of funds received and                       disbursed in accordance with convention policy, prepare the annual budget and the annual audited financial                       statements for convention board approval.

8.9           Executive Assistant: It shall be the duty of the executive assistant to assist the executive officers with the                             planning and organizing of convention through editing, updating, filing and preparing necessary forms, letters                     and contracts. 

IX. Voting

 9.1           Each member of the convention board appointed or elected by their member-local shall be entitled to one vote. 

9.2           Executive officers selected from member-local representatives within the convention board shall be entitled to a vote. 

9.3            Each local is entitled to only the number of votes allowed them by the ratio noted in Section VI 6.2.1(a). Where there is an alternate board representative, as per Section VI6.2.1(b)(ii), the alternate shall vote. The president shall not be a voting member, but shall cast a vote only in the case of a tie. The treasurer and executive assistant shall be voting members, provided the treasurer and the executive assistant are local representatives. The director of program shall be entitled to vote should the alternate board representative, as per Section VI 6.5, be absent from the board meeting. 

9.4           Regardless of the number of district representatives assigned to each convention association, only one district representative shall be entitled to cast a vote on behalf of the Association. 

X. Convention Attendance Committee

 10.1       The executive shall appoint a convention attendance committee consisting of three executive members including the past president, who shall be the chair. 

10.2       The executive officers, minus those members of the convention attendance committee, shall act as an appeal body for those teachers whose request to be absent from the convention has been denied by the convention attendance committee. 

10.3       The duties of the convention attendance committee shall be:

10.3.1    To receive and rule upon requests from members of the convention association to be absent from the annual convention to attend alternative professional development activities in accordance with the Protocol for Convention Attendance;

10.3.2     To notify all members of the convention association making such requests as to the decision of the convention attendance committee and to advise those teachers whose requests have been denied about the appeal process available to them;

10.3.3     To notify the Alberta Teachers’ Association of possible cases of non- attendance and to cooperate with the Association in the investigation and resolution of the cases;

10.3.4     To ensure that guidelines for convention attendance are well communicated to members. 

XI. Meetings

11.1       Meetings of the convention board shall be called by the secretary with at least three (3) weeks’ notice on the instruction of the president, or special meetings shall be called upon the request, in writing, from at least one third of the member-locals. Such a special meeting shall be called within 10 days of receipt of the written requests. 

11.2       Board meeting dates will be set on an annual basis at the spring board meeting based upon recommendations from the president, subject to board approval. 

11.3       Agendas and minutes will be sent out to all board members at least five days prior to each board meeting. 

11.4       The proceedings at all meetings shall be conducted in accordance with “Robert’s Rules of Order.” 


XII. Finances

 12.1       The convention board, after consultation with member-locals, shall set convention fees for the annual convention. If the fee structure is to change, notice of motion shall be given at the convention board meeting immediately following the annual convention. 

12.2       The convention board shall approve an annual budget and submit it to its member-locals and to the Alberta Teachers’ Association. 1

2.3       The convention board shall be responsible for the control, collection and distribution of all monies. 

12.4       All honoraria, travelling and other necessary expenses of members of the convention board, executive committee and standing committees, as well as expense allowance, shall be paid in accordance with policies established by the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

 12.5       The signing officer shall be the treasurer and such other officer or officers as designated by the convention board. 

12.6         An accredited accountant, or other person acceptable to the Association, shall be appointed annually by the convention board to audit the convention association’s annual financial statements. 

12.7       The convention board shall ensure that the audited financial statements are forwarded to each member-local and to the Alberta Teachers’ Association by September 30 of each year. 

XIII. Replacement of Convention Board and/or Executive Committee Member

13.1       Any member of the convention board and/or executive committee who misses two board meetings during their term of office shall be deemed as having abandoned their position. The member may appeal in person or in writing to the executive committee to seek reinstatement should extenuating circumstances exist. If the member is not reinstated, the member and the local will be notified in writing and a replacement will be requested. If the member being replaced was on the executive committee, the convention board will elect a member to fill the vacancy. 

13.2       Any member of the executive committee who has been deemed by a two-thirds vote of the executive committee conducted by secret ballot, to be delinquent in fulfilling their responsibility, shall be removed from the executive committee. The member may appeal in person to the convention board to seek reinstatement. Such reinstatement shall be by a two-thirds vote of the convention board. 

 XIV.  Provincial Association Intervention

 14.1       In this section,

14.1.1    investigated officer means a convention association officer whose conduct is under investigation pursuant to subsection (2);

14.1.2    investigator is the individual appointed by the table officers pursuant to subsection (2);

14.1.3    officer means the honorary president (if applicable), past president (if applicable), president, vice-president, committee chair or secretary- treasurer (or secretary or treasurer) of a convention board or any other person appointed or elected by or to the convention board;

14.1.4    Provincial Executive Council means the executive council as defined in section 11 of the Teaching Profession Act;

14.1.5    table officers means the Association’s officers as defined in Bylaw 35;

14.1.6    executive secretary means the chief executive officer of the Association or a person designated by the executive secretary; and

14.1.7    staff officer means a member of executive staff designated by the executive secretary. 

14.2       Suspension or Removal from Office of Officers

14.2.1    Where the table officers have or receive information which leads them to believe that an officer of a convention board    has neglected his/her duties to the extent that the proper operation of the convention board is being negatively affected,    is mentally incapacitated,    is engaging in corrupt practices,    is engaging in financial malpractice or    has undertaken activities inconsistent with the principles and policies of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, the table officers may initiate an investigation into the conduct of the officer by appointing an individual to conduct an investigation and to provide a written report to the table officers within a specified time with respect to the results of the investigation.

14.2.2   In the course of the intervention under section XIV, an investigated officer is entitled to have access to a staff officer for advice.

14.2.3    The table officers may, taking into account the nature of the alleged conduct and the urgency of the matter in question and any submission from the investigated officer, suspend an investigated officer from office pending the completion of the investigation and may terminate the suspension at any time if the table officers conclude that the suspension is no longer warranted.

14.2.4    The table officers may appoint another individual to assume the duties of the investigated officer during the period of the suspension.

14.2.5    The investigated officer may appeal a suspension from office under subsection (4) to the Provincial Executive Council by filing a notice of appeal with the executive secretary within 30 days of being notified of the suspension.

14.2.6     If an investigated officer appeals his/her suspension, Provincial Executive Council shall, as soon as practicable, consider representations of the table officers and the investigated officer and shall determine if the suspension should be continued pending the conclusion of the investigation or should be set aside.

14.2.7     During the investigation, the investigated officer shall be provided with an opportunity to provide a response to the investigator with respect to the concerns about the investigated officer’s conduct.

14.2.8     An investigated officer may, in the course of the investigation, submit his/her resignation to the executive secretary.

14.2.9     Where an investigated officer resigns in accordance with subsection (9), the investigation shall be continued with the cooperation of the investigated local officer, and the resignation does not extinguish any liability that the investigated local officer may have with respect to acts which occurred during the period the office was held.

14.2.10  The investigated officer has a duty to cooperate during the investigation and the investigator may direct the investigated officer or any other member of the Alberta Teachers’ Association to    answer any inquiries the investigator may have relating to the investigation;    produce any records or other property in the investigated officer’s possession or under his/her control that are or may be related in any way to the investigation;    give up possession of any record for the purpose of allowing the investigator to make a copy and return the records within a reasonable time of receiving the records; and    attend before the investigator for the purpose of complying with (a), (b) or (c) of this subsection.

14.2.11  In the event that the investigated officer fails or refuses to cooperate with the investigator, the failure to do so shall be noted by the investigator in his/her report to the table officers.

14.2.12  Upon completion of the investigation, the investigator shall submit a written report to the table officers and a copy of the written report shall be provided to the investigated officer.

14.2.13  The table officers, upon consideration of the report of the investigator, may make one or more of the following orders:    remove the investigated officer from office;    restrict the investigated officer’s eligibility for office in the future;    if the investigated officer was suspended during the investigation, reinstate the investigated officer to office and impose any conditions or restrictions that the table officers consider appropriate in the circumstances; and shall advise the investigated officer and Provincial Executive Council of their decision.

14.2.14  If the table officers remove the investigated officer from office, then the table officers may appoint another individual to assume the duties of the investigated officer until a new officer is elected or appointed to the position in accordance with this constitution.

14.2.15  The investigated officer may appeal the decision of the table officers under subsection (14) by filing a notice of appeal with the executive secretary within 30 days after being notified of the decision.

14.2.16  If an investigated officer appeals the decision of the table officers, Provincial Executive Council shall, as soon as practicable, consider representations of the table officers and the investigated officer and shall determine if the decision of the table officers shall be confirmed, varied or set aside.

14.2.17  In an appeal under subsection (7) or (17), the table officers may make submissions to Provincial Executive Council respecting the outcome of the appeal.

14.3       Official Trustee

14.3.1    Subject to a two-thirds majority vote, Provincial Executive Council may appoint an official trustee to conduct the affairs of the convention board, subject to any terms and conditions the Provincial Executive Council considers necessary:    when a convention board fails to comply with the requirement of section VI (6.5);    when a convention board fails to comply with the requirements of section XI;    when the Provincial Executive Council considers it in the interests of the Association to do so.

14.3.2     The convention board may appeal the appointment of an official trustee to a representative assembly.

14.3.3     An official trustee appointed under subsection (19) has the powers and duties conferred by the General Bylaws on a convention board and conferred by this constitution;

14.3.4     On appointment of an official trustee to the convention board, the officers of the convention board cease to hold office as officers of the convention board.

14.3.5     An official trustee continues in office until the Provincial Executive Council or a representative assembly determines that the official trusteeship is no longer necessary. 

 XIV. Amendments to the Constitution

 15.1       The president shall appoint an ad hoc committee consisting of the past president and at least two members of the executive committee whose duties shall be to review the articles of this constitution and report annually to the convention board. 

15.2       Amendments to this constitution may be made:

15.2.1    providing that a written notice of motion respecting the amendment has been filed with the secretary at a preceding regular meeting of the convention board;

15.2.2    during the period from the fall board meeting to the first board meeting following the annual convention, notices of motions may be sent to member-locals with a 60-day deadline for mail in votes from locals;

15.2.3    following the receipt of written approval from the majority of the member- locals has been obtained;

15.2.4    following a two-thirds vote of the voting members of the convention board;

15.2.5    providing the amendment is ratified by the Provincial Executive Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

 Amended and Approved by ATA Table Officers Committee 2004 06 02 Amended and Approved by ATA Table Officers Committee 2005 06 01 Amended and Approved by Provincial Executive Council 2006 06 15-16 Amended and Approved by ATA Table Officers Committee 2007 01 12 Amended and Approved by Provincial Executive Council 2007 09 20-21 Amended and Approved by Provincial Executive Council 2010 01 07 Amended and Approved by ATA Table Officers Committee 2011 01 07 Amended and Approved by ATA Table Officers Committee 2011 09 08 Amended and Approved by ATA Table Officers Committee 2