North Central Teachers' Convention Association

NCTCA 2020

Feb. 6-7, 2020 |Edmonton

2020 Proposals are OPEN! For full consideration please submit your proposal before May 15, 2019.



Program Selection Timeline

To ensure full consideration of your proposal, please submit your proposal before May 15
1. The Planning Committee continuously reviews incoming proposals.  
2. The first meeting of the Planning Committee is at the end of May whereby sessions are selected.
3. A second meeting occurs early August to complete the program.

Speaker Information and Guidelines

You will be reimbursed for expenses as per your contract. Teachers from our Member Locals are not eligible to receive expense reimbursement.

Parking:  Parking in the downtown Edmonton area is limited. Our recommendations for parking at the Shaw Conference Centre area include: Citadel/Library Parkade, Canada Place Parkade, City Hall Parkade or at the surface lots at the Marriott Hotel or behind the Westin Hotel. We also recommend that you take public transit (LRT) when available. Parking is available at the Westin Hotel but it is very limited. The Westin Hotel is connected to the Citadel/Library Parkade and the City Centre Mall Parkade via the pedway system as well.  There is parking available at the Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel for sessions there or across the street at the Impark lot. 

Meals: Light Breakfast and Lunch is provided for all Speakers and Hosts in our Host Rooms at the Shaw Conference Centre and the Westin Hotel

Mileage: Mileage is reimbursed at the current ATA rate, up to the cost of a Flight in economy class (if available).

Flights: Can be booked by our Convention Travel Agent. Please email for their contact information.

Accommodation: If accommodation is provided as part of your contract, it will be booked at the Westin or Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel as a part of our Speaker Block. If you need special arrangements, please let us know asap.


Our Treasurer is on site at the Convention Office at the Shaw Conference Centre from 8:00am – 4:00pm Thursday and 8:00am to 4:00pm Friday.  Download your SPEAKER EXPENSE CLAIM FORM.  Please stop by after your session(s) is complete, with your completed Speaker Claim Form, to receive your payment immediately.  Otherwise, please mail the Speaker Claim Form to the Treasurer before March 31st at the address on the form.   

We pay out honorariums on a set fee schedule (unless your session is considered a Featured session). 

The fee schedule is:

  • 3 Great Ideas from 3 Great Teachers on 1 Great Subject (20 minutes x 3 Speakers) $100/Speaker
  • 1 Hour Session (60 minutes) $275 
  • 1.5 Hour Session (90 minutes) $315
  • 3 Hour Session (180 minutes) $425
  • Full Day Session (360 minutes) $600

A/V Requirements and Issues

We will provide, to the best of our ability, the AV equipment that you have requested in your online proposal. This does not include: Laptop computers, Adapters, Mac (Computer or Tablet) to Projector adapters, Cameras, Extension Cords.  If you request additional equipment the day of the Convention, we will evaluate your request based on what equipment we have available. There may be an additional cost incurred, which will be the responsibility of the presenter. If you have technical issues with the equipment, please contact our on-site representatives from the AV companies as soon as possible.

Internet Access

If you did not request internet access for yourself (and/or your participants) on your session proposal, we are not responsible for the quality of the Wi-Fi signal available. There is free Wi-Fi available at the Shaw Conference Centre via Wireless Edmonton.

Speaker’s Corner

We offer all presenters the ability to book time at the Speaker’s Corner to promote books, materials, etc. for one 15 minute session (per year). NCTCA partners with a book reseller in our Exhibit Hall. If you are interested in having them sell books/materials on your behalf and have indicated on your proposals, NCTCA will provide them with a list and they will contact you directly to make arrangements.  If you have not indicated on your proposal and would like to book a session please contact 

This area is also available to Speakers who wish to continue conversations or take questions after their session is finished. Due to the tight schedule we maintain, we ask that you immediately move from your session room to the Speaker’s Corner after your session to consult with participants from your session.


You have the option to be assigned a Host/Chairperson. This person may contact you before Convention and will assist you during the session.  The Chairperson will introduce the Speaker, conclude the session, assist with any room requirements and provide general management (if needed) to assist in a successful presentation.

Host Room

Our Host Rooms are located in the Riverview Room at the Shaw Conference Center or in the Chancellor Room at the Westin Hotel. Light meals and refreshments are available, as well as a secure place to leave your coat and other materials. Feel free to use these rooms while you are at Convention. Your Speaker ID is required for entrance.